Can You Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven ???

Can You Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven ??? God is the Ruler of Heaven and Earth. God gave us his laws. God told us that we would be judged, to see if we are worthy of entering Heaven. The gifts that God offers are beyond the comprehension of most people. Knowledge, Immortal Life, Perfect Health, Peace, and the ability to pursue Good Deeds and Actions. Are you worthy? Are you Good enough to enter Heaven? Are you Evil and deserve to go to Hell? Do you follow the Laws of God? Do you pursue Knowledge and Understanding? Do you pursue Righteousness or Evil and Deception? Do you know Good from Evil and Right from Wrong? Do you know how to Read and Write? Do you know Math? Do you know Science? Do you know Law and Justice? Are you a Warrior of Righteousness or a Warrior of Evil? Do you seek to improve the Earth and the lives of its residents? Do you seek to destroy the Earth and enslave its residents?

The Judgement Day is coming soon, and you must ask, “Am I Prepared” ? Have I made myself worthy in the eyes of God? God has the Duty and Responsibility to keep Evil out of Heaven. The same process is used by various countries and known as their Justice Systems. How will you be Judged?