Buyer Beware.

Buyer Beware. Scams are everywhere. The World is being sold many lies and deceptions, and they are falling for them.

They want you to believe that Wind and Solar technologies are the Future. They are not. The Wind technology puts generators on stationary propellers. Huge propellers are required to spin mid-size generators. The Solar technologies require sunlight and huge panel areas to generate electricity. They store their collected energy inside large batteries. The real solution is self-sustained motor-generator units. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be made small, medium, or large. They can also replace the existing coal, oil, gas, and nuclear power plants with these. These can solve your pollution problems, and provide the energy to keep the systems working.

The next step technologies for the development of Humanity are using photons instead of electrons. The photons can be manipulated to create electric and magnetic fields of higher power than existing technologies. Directed energy, anti-gravity, fusion, and many other advances are possible. Field drives can make manned interstellar space flight a reality. Vehicles-ships can be created that emulate photons. The solar system could be traveled in hours, and the supplies needed to sustain crew could be dramatically reduced.

Smart? Intelligent? – US Future News

How Stupid Can They Be? – US Future News

There are technologies to be developed even further but, Humanity must prove it is worthy, and has the wisdom and intelligence to use them properly. The science many of you believe, is false. The speed of light can be surpassed, even by Einstein’s own equations. The teachers fail to fully understand Relativity, therefore they repeat common mistakes. Relativity says distance shrinks and time shrinks for the occupants approaching the speed of light. Velocity=Distance/Time. If two stars are 2 light years apart, they do not get closer than bounce back, for the spaceship. The outside observer will see the spaceship arrive two years later when the light reaches the departure planet. The occupants of the spaceship can actually see themselves arrive if they look through a telescope after they return home. Relativity restricts the speed of light, because our eyes see light.

Faster Than Light Is Possible. – US Future News

The World needs to see the Truth and prepare.

We Have The Solution. – US Future News

You think your leaders want you free from their control? You think your leaders want you educated properly?

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The FreeWorld is over. God-Allah-Yahweh Will Not Save US, only the Righteous. The fate of the United States of America, is to be the same as the Roman Empire. The Dark Age-EndTimes-Apocalypse is now here, and the Great Judgement Day is around the corner. Prepare yourselves.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.