God vs Allah vs Yahweh.

How is it possible that the God of Abraham, known as Allah to Muslims, known as Yahweh to Jews, can have such different views and teachings from each other ??? The God of Abraham taught one message and teachings. The religious leaders, Mohammed and Moses, gave their people different rules and regulations, which have been twisted into being given by the God of Abraham. Many wars have been religious, and the religious leaders always say that God/Allah/Yahweh is with them and not their opponent. Right and wrong are the concepts that God/Allah/Yahweh taught us. Good and Evil are the concepts that God/Allah/Yahweh taught us. Light and Darkness are the concepts that God/Allah/Yahweh taught us. Understanding and Ignorance are the concepts that God/Allah/Yahweh taught us. God/Allah/Yahweh is an immortal being that is guiding humanity according to his master plan. Compared to us, he is all powerful, and capable of destroying individuals, groups, countries, and even the world, if he so chooses. How many of you can recall strange happenings that have no explanation? A bad car accident, yet everyone walked away unhurt? A stranger that you told you message to help you, and you never see him again? A strange object in the sky, that behaves in a way that defies anything you have seen before? God/Allah/Yahweh works in mysterious ways, but always to his master plan. Praise God/Allah/Yahweh. Love God/Allah/Yahweh. Fear God/Allah/Yahweh. Follow God/Allah/Yahweh. Fight for God/Allah/Yahweh. Ask God/Allah/Yahweh. Be like God/Allah/Yahweh. Become a child of God/Allah/Yahweh. Learn from God/Allah/Yahweh. Seek the truth through God/Allah/Yahweh. Believe in God/Allah/Yahweh. Trust in God/Allah/Yahweh. Recognize the signs given by God/Allah/Yahweh. Make God/Allah/Yahweh proud of you.

We give you these things to make you think, so that can improve yourself. God/Allah/Yahweh wants you to become a good person knowing to stay away from evil ways that can consume you and make you unworthy of him, Heaven, or the gifts he has promised. May you follow the path of righteousness and understanding that will bring you closer to God/Allah/Yahweh.

God/Allah/Yahweh Lead Your Children Along The Path Of Righteousness, And Protect Them From The Children Of Evil And Ignorance.