Can You Recognize EVIL ???

Can You Recognize EVIL ??? Do you even know what Evil is ? Evil is behavior unbecoming of a Citizen of Heaven. God/Allah/Yahweh made covenants with various people of the Earth, and those covenants dictate proper behavior and actions required to be considered Good and Righteous. The Most Renown covenant is the Ten Commandments for it was the first that was stated to apply to all the people of the Earth. The failure to obey these Ten Commandments would be considered a violation of the Covenant with God/Allah/Yahweh and therefore an Evil act that can be held against them. Ignorance of these Ten Commandments, which shall be referred to as the Laws of God/Allah/Yahweh, shall mean that the person shall fall into the category of Pagan or Unbeliever, and shall be judged as Evil and Unrighteous. Ignorance is Pure Evil, for to be Ignorant means that you have no knowledge of right from wrong, and therefore are to be considered Primitive, Uncivilized, and Animal-like. God/Allah/Yahweh has taught us his Laws and the behavior required to become a Citizen of Heaven.

The Devil or Satan is considered EVIL and also called the Father of Lies. It is through lies and deceptions that the ignorant are led to Evil and Unrighteousness by doing acts that are wrong. Those who lead others astray, are known as Devils, Demons, and Fallen Angels. These people do not believe in God/Allah/Yahweh, and think they are never going to be Judged by him. They think that they are smart, and that the Children of God/Allah/Yahweh are stupid to believe in his existence. They think that God/Allah/Yahweh is a myth and that those who believe are stupid, ignorant, and easily fooled. They are the fools, and they are the ignorant and stupid.

The primitive only think of survival and procreation, and have no desire to advance themselves. The primitive male will be often aggressive and seek to impregnate all females around him. He will be territorial, dominant, and believe that he is the owner of his world and all that is in it. They have no concept of God/Allah/Yahweh and will be brutal against any threat to their domination. The primitive female seeks primitive males to impregnate her, believing that he will give her strong children that will continue to dominate and control their world. She will often be proud that she is dominated by a fierce male, but if he should fail in battle, she will seek to maintain her position with his successor. She knows that he will have many other females, and that her position is dependent upon his desire for her. They have no written language and will live as tribes. This is how the primitive behave.

The intelligent will seek to understand their world and use knowledge to benefit themselves and pass it on to their children. They will develop written language, and will develop tools and skills. They will develop law, building, irrigation, farming, education, religion, and warfare. They shall develop on these concepts and pass them on to their children, as long as they can maintain their civilization. They shall develop various sciences and technologies, which will lead to an expansion of their society into villages, towns, cities, territories, states, and nations. They shall thrive under good management and collapse under corrupt management. They shall clash with other nations when those nations seek to conquer them or impose their will upon them. The world has grown very small today due to the large population and diminishing resources. The world you know is on the verge of a collapse and many of you are just too stupid to know it.

God/Allah/Yahweh is very real, and his prophecies always happen. God/Allah/Yahweh is a superior being who is immortal and is the Ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is at a minimum, this part of the Galaxy. Earth is a project that was begun long ago, and which is about to enter a major phase. Many of you have never seen the power of God/Allah/Yahweh, and many of you have seen and not believed. How many ancient discoveries and ruins have made you wonder, how did they do that, and why are we still incapable of it today? How long will our cities last without constant maintenance and rebuilding? A lot less time than those cities of stone. Have you ever read about the ancient Gods, or wondered why many attributes of God/Allah/Yahweh were related to them? Do your research and see what conclusions you come to. The UFOs of the past were written as clouds, wheels, pillars of fire, and various other descriptions. But you always hear that they came down from Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is not an Earthly Kingdom, is a common phrase that many religious leaders have twisted into a spiritual realm when it merely means beyond Earth. The Nazis made many advances in the areas of science, and that nearly allowed them to conquer the world. Rockets, jets, bombs, cannons, atomic weapons, possibly anti-gravity, and some even say time-warp technology. Semiconductors were not among them, and we still used vacuum tubes, until a very different event. The crash of a UFO in Roswell NM in 1947. After the recovery and examination, we came out with semiconductors, computers, and even Velcro. We do not see American made antigravity vehicles flying all over the globe. We do not see American made fusion generators or powerful fusion rockets. We do not see any advancement beyond propulsion and combustion systems, therefore it must be assumed that the device recovered was not a spacecraft but maybe a satellite of some kind. A gift from God/Allah/Yahweh with just the right amount and kind of technology to allow the next stage in our development. The military has tried many times to shoot down UFOs and they are still amazed and baffled by their performance and abilities. Therefore it can be assumed that our scientists and military have not developed the technologies necessary to advance to that level of capabilities. We can only assume that the object was provided and that only the technology that God/Allah/Yahweh wanted us to have was provided. Why have we not advanced further? God/Allah/Yahweh told us his plan, and gave us prophecies to verify it.

The technology you need to advance to the next stage is here. I came out with it over 30 years ago, but none of you have listened or understood. Maybe you can understand now.

May God/Allah/Yahweh Bless You With Understanding And Allow You To Advance To Become A Member Of Heaven. May you make yourselves worthy to be called the Children of God/Allah/Yahweh, and may he point your path away from EVIL.