12-18-22 The Message.

12-18-22 The Message. I want you to understand what is in store for Humanity and the Earth. God-Allah-Yahweh, the God of Abraham, is the Immortal Living God, who rules over Heaven and Earth. This Solar System was altered-created to what it is today. The creation stories, are about the creation of this Solar System, and this planet Earth, and the race of Humanity. The Garden of Eden is not on Earth, but in the Kingdom of Heaven, and possibly in the New Jerusalem. The creation of Humanity is a great achievement, for God-Allah-Yahweh created a race of many sub-species, capable of interbreeding with each other, and also with the race of Heaven. This planet Earth, and possibly its Moon, are equipped with facilities that record every thought, every sight, every hearing, every taste, every smell, and every touch, of every individual since the beginning of this experiment. The soul is recorded, and also a DNA record is recorded. Resurrection is possible with these recordings. Judgement is also possible with these records, and will be used on the Great Day of Judgement. The experiment is controlled from beginning to end, lasting many thousands of years. At various intervals in the experiment, special individuals are injected to analyze, teach, judge, and-or advance, Humanity and-or the experiment. These special individuals are the seven lamps or seven stars, that also comprise the Holy Spirit. God-Allah-Yahweh has given covenants, commandments, prophecies, texts, messengers, and prophets, to further his experiment and plans as he has seen fit.

We have lost a year and a half of usfuturenews.com but we will still put out our message to save as many as possible. We still have these articles and others.


























We want you to prepare for the arrival of God-Allah-Yahweh and the New Jerusalem. See the power of God-Allah-Yahweh, and prepare yourselves for the Judgement Day.

The destruction of Human Civilization is well under way. The Earth is incapable of supporting the population of Humanity for much longer. The magnetic field of the Earth is about to flip, and it is very probable that the surface of the Earth will also shift. The oceans will tend to stay in place so most of civilization will be under water for some time. The world will be reset, and no one else is sounding the warning bells. The EVIL Un-American Radical Democrats-Liberals-Globalists-Satanists are preparing to save themselves, and keeping the general population unaware and unable to prepare. The prophecies of God-Allah-Yahweh are all coming true and world leaders and religious leaders are not warning and preparing their followers. The events are all EndTimes events.

The US President, with the other EVIL Un-American Radical Democrats-Liberals-Globalists-Satanists, are meeting and plotting the destruction of the freeworld, and their takeover of all the Earth. They think that they will rule this world, and they think that they are all powerful. The truth, is a lot more complicated than they realize. This entire solar system, is controlled and operated by God-Allah-Yahweh and the Kingdom of Heaven. The systems that record and control, are beyond our reach at this time. In the Earth’s core, possibly inside the Moon, and at the edge of the Solar System, which are all far beyond our reach. Watch your world behave, just as in the ancient texts. You will be amazed at their accuracy.

I hope that this helps some of you make it to the Kingdom of Heaven. I hope that the Children of Humanity will turn from EVIL, and pursue Righteous deeds.

We bring you hope, knowledge, and wisdom, and pray that God-Allah-Yahweh finds you worthy.



God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.