US National Security.

US National Security. The United States of America is under attack from outside and inside. The Globalists have united to create global systems of influence that they control and manipulate. They have penetrated many governments and nations, and their agents-followers are persecuting those who oppose them, and protecting those within their own circle. The EVIL are those who can break the law, and never see judgement or justice. The United States of America must not allow the theft of many 2020 US Elections, including the US Presidency. The evidence is there and unlike many criminal prosecutions, where witnesses and evidence can go missing so justice can not be served, the US Election laws require the records to be kept for 22 months or the Elections can be invalidated due to lack of confirmation data. The US Voting Machines, and Voting Systems, have strict regulations regarding updates, error ratios, tabulations, internet access, and sealed equipment. When US Elections are questioned, the Servers, the Ballot Machines, the Tabulators, the Data Servers, the Data Switches, the actual Ballots, and all their logs are supposed to be available for inspection and audit if the outcome is in question. We are seeing the opposite of this required transparency, and if the courts do not require the laws to be faithfully followed, then those judges should be removed, impeached, and possibly imprisoned. The law is the law.

Here are the recent articles, and if you look well, you see a pattern that shows EVIL people and their followers are not following the laws.

The US Elections were rigged-fixed per Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and many other Democrat officials. The records must be audited, and the programming in the US Voting Machines, and Servers, must be examined, as well as the logs. Here are the reports again.












As you can see for yourself, the US Media is acting EVIL, and the Democrats are also. The EVIL Un-American Radical Globalists-Democrats-Liberals think the power the (D)EVIL is stronger than the power of God-Allah-Yahweh, but they are about to find out that Truth is stronger than Lies. If EVIL appears to win, it is because God-Allah-Yahweh, wishes it to believe so, but in the end, at the Great Judgement Day, they shall learn that they do not control the records in Heaven, and that God-Allah-Yahweh Judges according to his Laws-Commandments-Covenants, not theirs.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless And Protect The Righteous, And Curse And Confuse The EVIL And Their Followers.