God-Allah-Yahweh Created Humanity.

God/Allah/Yahweh created Humanity and made Earth as a place to develop his creation.

The Devil also Known as Lucifer is a Loyal Servant Of God/Allah/Yahweh, Given the Task of Testing Humanity. The ones who rebelled against God/Allah/Yahweh were Samyaza and the most heinous of his group was Azazel. They made themselves Gods on Earth and taught Humanity many things, some good and some evil. They were captured by God/Allah/Yahweh and imprisoned until Judgement Day, but Azazel was buried alive in chains because his crimes were the most heinous. The Devil/Lucifer has often been confused with the Group that Rebelled. Do Your Research.

Why was Humanity and the Earth Created? Why did God/Allah/Yahweh tell his Angels to bow in Obeisance to his Creation? Why did the Devil/Lucifer refuse? Why did God/Allah/Yahweh Not Punish Lucifer right away? What is the Lamb? Who are the Seven Princes? What are the Seven Lamps? What are the Seven Stars? What are the Seven horns? Why is it always seven? Do Your Research.

The Prophecies, the Legends, and the Oral Stories, of many religions, tell the Plan of God/Allah/Yahweh, but he made sure that all would be revealed according to his plan. The Final Prince, Michael, is on Earth at this time. He has proven that the knowledge and development of Humanity is sufficient to develop the technologies necessary to Enter Heaven.

The Technology that God/Allah/Yahweh possesses far exceeds anything so far developed on Earth. Here is your next phase in technological development, and even with this, we are no match to Heaven.

God/Allah/Yahweh has matter transfer, mind control, matter manipulation, energy manipulation, and much more. The Earth is at its breaking point, and the Population of Humanity is far too great to be sustained. Space Travel must be developed to relieve this stress. The Judgement Day predicted long ago is about to happen, because God/Allah/Yahweh does Not want his creations of Humanity and Earth to be Destroyed Completely. God/Allah/Yahweh Be Praised, And His Commandments Be Obeyed, So We Can Enter Heaven And Receive His Promised Gifts.

The New Jerusalem can NOT land on Earth. It is a 1200 mile cube. You can NOT defeat God-Allah-Yahweh or match his Technology and Knowledge.