US Government Corruption.

US Government Corruption. President Trump needs to investigate and clear out the corruption inside the US Government. It is now clear that EVIL people have been placed inside our government at High levels. We can only hope that AG Barr and his investigation into Spying and Surveillance will lead to some cleaning out of this EVIL.

We must keep our eye on the goal to “drain the swamp”. The EVIL Ones and their followers must be routed out and Rule of Law must be restored. Remember.

Why is the Security Assessment into Election Interference not being questioned? Why is the DNC hack not being looked into properly? Why are the President Daily Security Briefs not being obtained from the Obama Library? Why is the DHS not being looked into when it was accessing Election Machines remotely during the 2016 election?

The American People want their US Government cleared of Corruption and EVIL so it can remain the Greatest Country on Earth.

The Power Of God-Allah-Yahweh.

The Power Of God-Allah-Yahweh. Earth, Religion, Humanity, UFOs, Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Demons, are all creations of God-Allah-Yahweh.

You are being tested, and you shall be Judged. You think you are intelligent and that you are the Superior lifeform of the Universe. You are an experiment, and the signs of this have always been here. You think your technology and toys are powerful, but they are nothing. You have a long way to go.

Throughout history you have been watched and guided to become worthy of becoming part of Heaven. The Technology and Knowledge of Heaven is far beyond our childlike advancement so far. Heaven has existed millions to billions of years, and Humanity is an infant race. You have NOT advanced to the stars. You have NOT overcome death and disease. Some of you have advanced enough to see that religion and science are NOT at odds with each other. God-Allah-Yahweh is NOT a spirit in another dimension.

Throughout the ages god-Allah-Yahweh has given teachings and prophecies that are meant to advance Humanity and his plan. The Truth is coming out, and the battle between Good and Evil is upon us.

The Devil was tasked with testing us, and he uses lies and deceptions to mislead us and keep us from advancing enough to enter Heaven. Many of you have failed and fallen into temptation. Recognize EVIL and prove to God-Allah-Yahweh that you want and are worthy to enter Heaven.

The war is happening now, and God-Allah-Yahweh is preparing the plaques and the Judgement Day. Prepare yourselves and turn away from EVIL.

EVIL seeks to restrain and control you. EVIL wants you in Ignorance so you will be barred from Heaven.

Michael was predicted for these times, and is giving you warning that the Day of Judgement is approaching. Prepare yourselves.

Remembering 9-11-01.

Remembering 9-11-01. 18 years ago today the United States of America was attacked by Radical Islamist Terrorists on its own soil. The War on Terror is still going on to this day. The World must realize that Radical Islam still remains a threat, and continues to radicalize people with its false and twisted ideology. Radical Islam is NOT Islam. Radical Islam wants its version of the Koran, along with Sharia Law, to dominate the world.

Radical Islamists Terrorists do NOT practice the Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. They attack anyone who does NOT believe as them, even fellow Muslims. They preach that any who do NOT believe as them are idolaters, even those of the 3 major religions that believe in God-Allah-Yahweh, the God of Abraham. They believe that they shall enter Heaven and be rewarded with slaves and virgins. They shall never enter Heaven, and the Prophet Muhammad shall testify against them at Judgement.

God-Allah-Yahweh Bless The Righteous And Punish The EVIL Ones And Their Followers.

Never Forget 9-11-01 and that the battle continues.

Remember God-Allah-Yahweh shall Judge all of us, and EVIL shall NOT enter Heaven.

Thank God-Allah-Yahweh.

Thank God-Allah-Yahweh. Days ago we were expecting a major hurricane to hit the United States of America. We prayed to God-Allah-Yahweh to Save the Righteous, and he diverted a Cat 5 hurricane. We Thank God-Allah-Yahweh For Saving The Righteous And Demonstrating His Awesome Power.

Thank You Almighty God-Allah-Yahweh For Protecting The Righteous Who Worship You And Displaying Your Awesome Power. God-Allah-Yahweh Put Your Children On The Path To Righteousness So The Most Be Saved At Judgement Day. God-Allah-Yahweh We Seek Your Blessings And Guidance So We May Enter Heaven And Receive The Rewards.