US Government Corruption.

US Government Corruption. President Trump needs to investigate and clear out the corruption inside the US Government. It is now clear that EVIL people have been placed inside our government at High levels. We can only hope that AG Barr and his investigation into Spying and Surveillance will lead to some cleaning out of this EVIL.

We must keep our eye on the goal to “drain the swamp”. The EVIL Ones and their followers must be routed out and Rule of Law must be restored. Remember.

Why is the Security Assessment into Election Interference not being questioned? Why is the DNC hack not being looked into properly? Why are the President Daily Security Briefs not being obtained from the Obama Library? Why is the DHS not being looked into when it was accessing Election Machines remotely during the 2016 election?

The American People want their US Government cleared of Corruption and EVIL so it can remain the Greatest Country on Earth.