Climate Change Does Not Explain Global Changes.

The change in the position of where the sun and moon rise and set is at the core of the climate change debate. The earth is shifting, and climate change is not causing it, but is being increased because of it. The icecaps melting and putting more water in the atmosphere is creating greater storm systems. The internal temperature of the earth is increasing, and this can give rise to increased volcanic activity, and possibly earthquakes. We are experiencing a lot of different effects that seem to point to a celestial event. It could be a weakening of our magnetic field. It could be increased solar activity. It could be a strange planetary alignment, or an approaching celestial object. There are many possibilities, but man made climate change does not seem to account for all these effects. I would like to hear from all the scientists of the many disciplines, what changes they have observed and have them put all together to give us a better answer.